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Residential Services

Imagine controlling everything in your home from lighting, music, video, climate control and even security systems at the touch of a button anytime, anywhere. Alberta Tech. Solutions works with homeowners to provide a completely custom smart home solution to suit the homeowners needs before the home is built, or provide retro-fit solutions for existing homes. Whether you are looking for a complete smart home or just a little, Alberta Tech. Solutions takes the time to discuss various options that are available before we make any recomendations and estimates. An automated home is defined by the combination of components from different systems integrated together to function as one easy to use system giving you remote and automatic control of a wide array of devices in your home. For automation you dictate how a device should react, when it should react and why it should react. You set the schedule and the rest is automated and based off of your personal preferences thus providing convenience, control, money saving and an overall smarter home. Though such technology is quite complex, it remains completely flexible and user friendly
making for a fun experience. Experience the movies, your favorite television shows, or favorite musical performances. With our expert home theater specialists, we can help you with anything from flat panel mounting to engineering and installation of a complex audio/video system. Quality in-ceiling loud speakers and intuitive controls can provide music in as many or as few rooms as you like. Our goal is to provide the thrill of a live performance to your home. Control individual lights located in different parts of your home and/or climate control from the comfort of your bed, the kitchen, office, or even from a resort accross the world while you are on vacation. With a home automated security system your house can directly contact you, sending you an alert about a specific security related event that has occured on your property. Be it a tresspasser, water leak, or a sudden rise in temperature, home automation remains on guard for you keeping your home and family safe. You can log into your security camera and visually see, in real time, specific areas of your home while you are away. Rotate, reposition, record, zoom and snap photos all from the palm of your hand.